What is a website builder?

What is a website builder?



Website builders are, as the name suggests, an instrument that lets you create your own website. This software or platform is designed to be easy to use. It has many preset styles and templates that can be used to create websites. You can build a website by using prebuilt templates.


With a little bit of time invested and some pointed tutorials you can begin creating your layout and style and then integrating the elements and content from your brand. While the code runs on the backend of the website, the frontend allows you to create your own internet home by using a variety of easy-to-understand features.


You can do this in one of two ways:


Online Website Builder


An online website builder allows you to access it through your browser. Instead of downloading the software, the builder’s software is hosted online, so you can access it from anywhere.


Offline Website Builder


A user must download the software and store the files on their computer in order to create an offline website. Online website builders require a little more technical knowledge and experience as the files must be uploaded to a web hosting service once they are  dedicated server hosting completed.


Why do people use website builders?


It is important to note that many well-known web developers use website builders like WordPress to create websites. These tools aren’t just for beginners in the web development field. A standard website builder may not be recommended if the website will require extensive coding and complex functionality.


Website builders are an ideal option for small businesses as well as new enterprises. These are the top reasons website builders are popular:


In a matter of seconds, create a website


Less room for error


They do not require technical knowledge.




Low maintenance


Eliteservermanagement.com offers 24/7 technical support


One click of the fingers


A small business will often need a simple, functional website that is attractive and easy to use. A website developer will tell any business owner that this is possible in a matter of minutes. They are right. In a matter of hours, a website builder can create a functional, attractive and functional site.



There is less room for error


The website builder is pre-coded so there’s less room to make mistakes. Because they are designed to complement each other, the pieces that you create, layer, or add together will work. You are not trying to create new pieces for a website, but rather integrating pieces that have been used many times before.


Supports low technical skill sets


To use a website builder, you don’t have to be a web designer pro or understand HTML. Website builders have a template catalog. These templates are integrated with color theory and crisp designs. They also include functional processes. These templates do all the work for you.




It shouldn’t surprise anyone that hiring a web developer is far more expensive than using a website builder to create your site. Most web developers that you hire will use a templatized platform, even if your website doesn’t require custom coding. Hint: most don’t.


Very little maintenance


Website templates can be pre-coded using website builders. This makes it easy to maintain and upkeep them. Although the website must be updated regularly with new content to engage your audience, this is another “plug and play” feature of a website builder.


DIY (Do It-Yourself) Support


Many small business owners and brand creators prefer to do it themselves when it comes down to designing their websites. They want to understand how the process works, as well as maintain creative control. Eliteservermanagement.com offers technical support for many website builders. You can also call them free of charge if you have any problems.


You now have an understanding of the reasons people use website builders. What features and characteristics should they be searching for when you begin your search?




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