Roulette is a well-known casino game, which was named after the French word that means little wheel. When playing this game the gamblers can choose to wager their money on a single number or multiple numbers (whether the number is even or odd, or on the colors black or red). To be able to determine the winning color and number, a croupier (which is the one who spins the wheel), will spin the ball in one direction while the wheel is spinning in the opposite direction (around a circle-track that is running around the circumference of that wheel). In the end, the ball fall into one of the 37 slots (in European/French roulette) or 38 slots (in the American roulette) that are numbered and colored on the wheel. Roulette was also one of the older games that was invented in the 18th century, in France. It is well known and a popular Togel game throughout casinos from all over the world today. There are so many different ways in which you can place a bet on a Roulette game, and until you are introduced to every single bet, you should not wager your money on this game. However, it might be fun to place a random bet from time to time, just to test out your luck. If you are more interested in placing bets online, then this article will show you top 10 sites for wagering money on a Roulette game.


777: if this name is a bit unfamiliar to you, you might know the name of its parent 888; since it had a great impact on the London Stock Exchange, from 2005. To put it simply, 777 is like a part of the 888 that focuses everything on a retro style.



One great thing about this site, is that 777 gives a lot more bonuses than most of the today’s sites; the welcome bonus can amount to 200% up to £500, with a new member’s first deposit. Even if this site does not own a big amount of games like some other well-known sites, it is worth checking out!


Ladbrokes: is a name that every casino game lover should definitely know. What makes a lot of bettors attracted at first glance, is the glamorous layout of this site. Here, you will have a lot of different options, which include the different types of table games, slot machines, and card games.



There is a bit of a different bonus structure on this site, than on most of the online casino sites out there. The bonuses and promotions will usually be centered on certain days or weeks, or even some particular games. There will be a welcoming bonus, if you decide to make an account.


Betway: is one of the most popular online casino sites, mostly because of its very impressive gaming variety, a great reputation, and a lot of good banking options. Whether you fancy Roulette games or card games, this site is perfect for casino game lovers in general.



As soon as you sign up for Betway, and make 3 deposits, you will be nicely rewarded. On the 1st deposit that the newcomer decides to make, he will get a 100% bonus that goes up to £250; on the 2nd deposit the new player will receive a 25% bonus that goes up to £250, and on the 3rd deposit the players will get a 50% bonus that goes up to £500.


Betfair: this is definitely one of the top well-known online casinos, that is not only known in the UK, but throughout the whole world of gambling. This site is good for both the serious players and the newcomers, as it offers a bit of something for both.



If you are a new player, you will not only be able to take advantages of their great tutorials, you will also be able to take advantages of their generous welcome bonus. You can receive a bonus of 200% that can go up to £500! However, the bonuses do not stop here, as you have a lot of other ways to earn free bets!


NetBet: this name might be unknown to you, since it is relatively new in the online gambling world. However, this site was formerly known as Casino770, and they have been rebranded. This change made the former version of the plain-old online casino, into a much better version that is a lot faster, simpler, and highly interactive.



One unique thing to mention about NetBet is that now they are powered by 2 different software platforms, which include IGT and iSoftBet. In addition to the new platforms and the incredible layout, there are a lot of generous bonuses and free spins. All you need to do to enjoy your free bonuses is to sign up for this site!


Casumo: is one of the odd casinos, as it has its own original and innovative style. It was launched at 2012, and it did show that they really know what gamblers want: bonuses, promotions, games, and a lot of excitement.



As soon as you see this website, it will appeal to you in a lot of adventurous ways. This site is all about fun, and even when talking about giving free bonuses, Casumo just wants you to enjoy yourself. To put it simply, you will get a random bonus that is usually either of 50% that goes up to £500, or of 100% that can go up to £300.


Karamba: since 2006, Karamba’s reputation and excellence has grown rapidly along with the number of its online games. Its layout, homepage, is very user-friendly, which means that you will be able to easily access any of your favorite casino games!



As it was mentioned at the beginning, you need to know all of the rules and the bets for a game of Roulette, before you decide to place any kind of a bet. Once you master everything there is to know about this game, have fun wagering your money online!


10bet: this is actually a sport betting site that was founded in 2003. However, since this site has attracted a lot of casino game lovers, it became known for its various types of casino games (more than 200 games). This is a highly respected and licensed gambling site in the UK Gambling Commission.



As every popular site, 10bet also offers its loyal customers and newcomers a lot of bonuses and promotions. There is a 100% welcome bonus that can go up to £200, which basically means that with no effort, you will be able to double your first deposit.


Royal Panda: might not be a familiar name for you, which makes sense, since it was launched in 2014. What makes this online casino stand out from the crowd is their awesome mascot, a panda with a crown. However, it is not only known for its mascot, it also has a lot of different kinds of casino games, such as Roulette, blackjack, slots and many other.



Here you will also receive a welcome bonus, of 100% that goes up to £100, and that doubles whatever amount of money you put as your first deposit. Do keep in mind that there is a 35 wagering requirement for the welcome bonus.


Grosvenor: you will be able to notice something a bit different when it comes to offers on Grosvenor, especially if you are an experienced gambler. All of the online casinos are slowly starting to resemble each other, but Grosvenor will surely surprise you with its fresh look and a lot of special features, together with a great selection of incredible casino games.



One thing to keep in mind is that you should definitely take advantage of this site’s amazing bonuses and promotions. Beside the welcoming bonus, you will get a free bet of 100% that goes up to £20, with some other special and innovative offers. All you have to do is to sign up and have fun!


As it was said at the beginning, the game of roulette has a lot of rules and different types of bets that can be placed. So, after you have mastered all of the different ways you can wager your money, enjoy betting on some of these sites while being able to make a big profit!

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