One Togel Hongkong Class Act

One Togel Hongkong Class Act



Whether winning or losing, Doyle is the consummate gentleman. Bellagio Tournament Director Jack McClelland said, “In the 20 years I have known and played with Doyle, he has never given the dealers a hard time. Even when it was inconvenient, Doyle signed autographs and encouraged newcomers. Doyle has that easy smile but is a fierce competitor with the heart of a lion.”


Doyle and I were scheduled to meet for our interview smack-dab in the middle of the 2004 WSOP. He admitted he had been on his longest losing streak ever, six weeks. Yet, at the scheduled time, he left a very juicy game to meet me for an interview.


Doyle was once quoted as saying that after five days of losing, one should take a break. I asked him about that, and, smiling ruefully, he answered: “Yeah — but these World Series side games are soooo good.” He explained that he discussed the situation with his friend Chip Reese, who agreed that there was no flaw in his game, even though he had had gastric bypass surgery only about five months ago.


Doyle and Jan Fisher had the same surgery, one week Togel Hongkong apart. Even though Doyle’s first month after his surgery was a rough one, Jan said that when she visited him, he was a trooper, as usual.



His Sweetheart, Louise

In the early ’60s, Doyle married his sweetheart, Louise, and together they had four children. They also now have a grandson and two great-grandsons. I asked Doyle how Louise reacted when he was on such a long losing streak. He beamed proudly when he told me that Louise never asked how he did in a poker game, and he usually told her that he just broke even. Imagine that! The legend of poker comes home and casually tells his wife that he broke even again; yet, he lives in luxury and wants for nothing materially.


Doyle bragged that his wife is “a wonderful homemaker who does not know an ace from a king.” She has never once called and bugged him at a poker game. He did admit he wished he could change one thing: “I regret being gone from my family for so long. I had to travel and work all the time, and I missed out on some things.” Now, he has a nice dinner almost every night with Louise, where they simply enjoy one another’s company.


Doyle told me that through the years, he and Louise lived through incredible experiences. One night, Doyle was followed home and robbed. He had been robbed many times before, but this was different, because it was in his home. He faked a heart attack, and eventually the robbers left. Lying on the floor, scared out of their wits, they asked one another: “Did you ever think that after 37 years of marriage, it would come to this?” Then, they looked at one another, shook their heads, and burst out laughing.




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