My bad Slot Online beat story

My bad Slot Online beat story

Everyone has a bad beat story, myself included. I’ve seen many bad beats and heard enough stories to fill a book. But I suppose my bad beat story isn’t really a “bad beat” it was just bad luck followed up with a bad play on my part. So why am I going to bore you all with another bad beat story? For only one reason… I hope you like me learn something from it, and don’t ever do it in the future!


The game is 10-20 Hold’em it’s late in the session, and I’ve been getting more than my fair share of crappy cards. To add insult to injury I was getting the absolute worst cards in the blinds and they were almost always raised, so I hadn’t even played a hand for almost a half hour! I’m 3rd to Act and dealt a pair of 7’s. UTG folds, 2nd to act raises I call button calls and Big Blind calls.


The flop comes down As Qd 7s, 2nd to act bets I call, button raises 2nd to act re-raises, I call and button calls. Turn is the 9s, 2nd to act checks, I check, and button checks. River brings the 9c. 2nd to act bets I raise button re-raise and 2nd to Act caps it.


The result, 2nd to act had QQ, button had AA and I was trailing the whole time with 7’s full!


So how many mistakes did I make?? I’m still trying to count them all!


1) Calling the raise preflop with a pair of 7’s when the raise is in early position and also a solid player.


2) I also think that not re-raising on the flop was a mistake… Slot Online chances are rare that one would be up against another set and you really want the flush draw and perhaps the two pair to pay.


3) When it got checked on the turn b/c of the flush but both players started banging it up on the river I should’ve known the set was no good. (The other two both feared the flush card)


4) I flipped and showed my 7’s at the end even though I knew they were no good… this is not a big mistake, but from those who play in my game, I’m still getting razzed by them for playing so poorly!


My final thought on this whole situation is that in the long run everyone gets dealt the same Slot Online cards an equal amount of times. The true difference between a winning and losing poker player is how they take each of the hands and generate the most profit out of each. I tried to push a hand into profit that really should’ve been folded from the preceding play from my opponents. One should never try to force a hand but maximize on their opportunities. (To me that is a big statement worth reading over several times until you fully understand it).


On a final point… I was dealt pocket 7’s again that night and called to an early raiser and a lot more callers in late position. Once again I flopped a set but this time I lost to a flush. I’ll admit it, I asked for a deck change!





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