More FIFA fans head for the exit from Dominoqq Online

More FIFA fans head for the exit from Dominoqq Online



Castrol, Continental and Johnson & Johnson were among eight second-tier sponsors for Brazil 2014, along with Budweiser, McDonalds, Moy Park, Oi and Yingli. But the three firms have joined Sony and Emirates in not renewing their sponsorship deals for Russia 2018.


More FIFA fans head for the exit.



Although the reasons for leaving are unconfirmed, it would be a surprise if their decisions were not connected to the never-ending bad press surrounding the sport’s governing body.


Any financial support for a bent body like Dominoqq Online FIFA reflects badly on the brand image of a company but the temptation to have one’s name so exposed across the globe must equally make it hard to turn the chance to sponsor a World Cup down.


Right now, the top tier sponsors are FIFA’s old pal Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai-Kia and Visa, all of whom you might want to boycott, while Gazprom and Qatar Airways, two companies intimately linked with the next two World Cups, are strongly expected to join them soon.


FIFA will probably look to replace the three departing sponsors, who hail from Germany, the UK and the USA, with Asian companies, but the news is still cheering for anyone praying for a regime change in Zurich. With Sepp Blatter seemingly impregnable, cutting FIFA’s funding sources off may well be the best route to an ‘under new management’ sign.


Coke and Visa have publicly ticked FIFA off but have shied away from withdrawing their money so far.


This latest news arrives as the 78-year old Blatter embarks on yet another presidential campaign. Jordan’s Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein is so far the only challenger, with Jerome Champagne and David Ginola apparently struggling to get the minimum five recommendations from FIFA nations before next week’s deadline.


Blatter’s power base remains the block of votes from Africa, then Asia and he also has pockets of support in the Caribbean, Jack Warner’s former fiefdom, and South America, where his lieutenants Nicolas Leoz and Julio Grondona, swept up the votes for him until they finally left the stage in 2013 and 2014 respectively.


The presidential election is due to take place at the FIFA Congress in Zurich on the 29th of May.


Unforgiven 2 starring Danny Mills


Former England full-back Danny Mills made the BBC’s normally soporific Saturday results show “Final Score” a little spicier than usual yesterday by dredging up an old feud he has kept burning with Nottingham Forest manager Stuart Pearce.


When coach of Manchester City eight years ago, Pearce had dropped Mills in favour of Micah Richards, and according to Mills, accused him of falsely claiming injury.


Mills had clearly never forgiven the former England captain for this slight and with Pearce under pressure with only two wins in 20 games in charge of Forest, Mills relished the chance of going in studs-up again, five years after hanging up his boots.


“He is not a great coach, not a great tactician and not a great motivator,” Mills told the press earlier this week.


“He is very predictable. After 10 games people work him out,” he went on. “He doesn’t have the depth of football ability to back it up.”Stuart Pearce.


Ouch! Revenge, the dish best served cold as ever. While the press often exaggerate and manufacture spats between managers or players, or players and managers, this feud does seem to be the real thing.


Pearce replied equally frostily, “I do apologise for putting Michah Richards in Mills’ place at Manchester City.”


Garth Crooks, the former Tottenham striker, sat alongside Mills, said nothing but smirked at two grown men bickering over the past. Handbags at ten paces, as they say.


Pearce was allegedly on the brink of the sack before yesterday’s clash between Forest and local rivals Derby County, and when Henry Lansbury headed into his own net with a quarter of an hour gone, he must have been expecting the P45 form, while Mills must have been chuckling away.


Yet Forest, outplayed for most of the game, snatched an unlikely equaliser with a quarter of an hour to go and an even more astounding winner in injury time. Pearce exploded with cathartic joy on the touchline, an outburst on a par with his Euro 1996 penalty kick against Spain.


Pearce may well face the sack sooner or later at the club he famously skippered, and Mills may well be correct in his criticism. The two are not about to go dancing together, and while neither can crack open the champagne, this bout went to Pearce on points


Watching ancient and unresolved spats from a distance, now that’s entertainment.




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