Duncan Toys Co. acquires Ligaz11 Playmaxx Inc.

Duncan Toys Co. acquires Ligaz11 Playmaxx Inc.

Duncan Toys Co., manufacturers of Duncan Yo-Yos, have acquired Playmaxx Inc., makers of the “ProYo” line of performance yo-yos.


Middlefield, Ohio, December 2001 – Duncan Toys Co. has purchased the assets of Playmaxx, Inc., makers of the “ProYoÒ” line yo-yos. Playmaxx was a competitor to Duncan for yo-yo products, manufacturing and marketing the “ProYo”, “BumbleBee™”, “Cold Fusion™”, and other high performance yo-yos. Several Playmaxx yo-yos are responsible for past world records, including duration of spin for both fixed axle and ball-bearing axle models. Duncan acquired the complete list of Playmaxx assets including all names, trademarks, graphics, patents, tooling, customer lists, and inventory.


Duncan’s parent company, Flambeau Products Corporation President, Jason Sauey, is excited about the acquisition, “We look forward to incorporating the Playmaxx line into our own, and further rounding out our catalog. Duncan has the most complete line of yo-yos, designs, and performance features at every price point. In addition, Duncan has the name brand recognition that people look for. No one will ever need look past Duncan for their skill toy needs.” Duncan National Sales Manager, Mike Burke agrees, “We intend to keep the majority of the ProYo models and incorporate them into our current line. We are quite fortunate to have been offered this opportunity. One of the most striking design features in the Playmaxx line is the use of laminated paper sidecaps, allowing for incredibly easy and cost-effective custom-imprinting.” Marketing & Promotions Coordinator, Steve Brown could not be reached for comment, as he was otherwise occupied with dancing on top of his desk, yelling “More toys! More toys!”


Playmaxx Inc. was founded by Donald Duncan, Jr. in the late 1970’s, and purchased by Tom Van Dan Elzen in 1996. Under Van Dan Elzen, Playmaxx developed a strong international following, selling yo-yos to nearly every country in the world through their “World Team ProYo” demonstration team. Playmaxx has also made a number of design innovations over the years, including the rim-weighted flywheel design, and has helped popularize the use of alternate forms of yo-yo response. Playmaxx has been issued a number of Ligaz11 patents for their yo-yo designs, including those for special yo-yo holsters, the use of “brake pads” for response, and special kinds of decoration on the yo-yos. Of special interest is the fact Duncan Toys Co. was purchased by Flambeau Products from Donald Duncan, Jr. in the late 1960s. Several yo-yo historians have stepped forth to comment on this, calling it, “Easily one of the strangest coincidences in yo-yo history.”


For more information, please visit www.yo-yo.com or call Duncan Toys at Flambeau Products 1-800-457-5252. Building on “the original and world’s #1” producer of yo-yos, Duncan is focused to be the brand leader in high quality toys for learning and fun.


Duncan Toys and Flambeau Products Corporation is a member of the Nordic Group of Companies. The Nordic Group (Baraboo, Wisconsin) consists of 18 separate service and manufacturing facilities and 25 marketing units. It is privately owned and has an annual turnover in excess of $300 million. The Nordic Group of Companies specialize in the production of plastic components for industrial and consumer markets, broad line of injection and blow molded cases – art, recreation, hobbies, DIY, industrial storage systems and sporting decoys, OEM and after-market truck seating, fluid syst




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