Cbetcasino Poker Trips – New Blogger Here

Cbetcasino Poker Trips – New Blogger Here



Back in the mid-1990s, I launched a monthly print magazine called Chaos Review (”visions of the fringe”). It had taken me 17 years from desire to publish to actual realization. I had a lot of great writers/ artists work for me for nothing, purely for the love of the creative process. One of those writers, John (JR), was amongst my best contributors. Both an artist/ cartoonist and a published writer, he’s now a blogger who also writes about poker.


We’d lost touch over the years, but every few years he contacts me. Late last week, John contacted me over at Cbetcasino Performancing, and from there I found out that not only played poker, he wrote about it on his own site, WiseAndFoolish.


From both his cartoons and articles/ reviews for my now defunct magazine, I know how talented he is. I’m hoping that after reading a few of his poker pieces here, you’ll agree. John will be writing semi-regularly, and we’ll be putting our heads together to come up poker and gaming stuff you want to read. If we have time, maybe we’ll even play a few hands in the same room online.


John’s first post, Peeling For Poker, should be appearing in a few minutes.


Comments Being Turned Off Temporarily


I’m temporarily turning off comments because of the small handful of morons who persist in adding comment spam even though none of have yet to get through. Have you ever heard of the word “futility”? Do you think that I’m actually going to give up and let your spam through? Why not put in the effort to write real content somewhere else?


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