Blackjack and its Togel variations

Blackjack and its Togel variations



In this article I’ll be going forward on Blackjack variations. The next one we’ll talk about is Blackjack Switch.


Blackjack Switch


Don’t mind cheating a bit? Then Blackjack Switch is for you. It gives you a chance to make several moves that can be considered as cheating. There are no fixed rules of this game; they vary from casino to casino so it will be wise to study them before getting started.


  • The dealer stands on soft 17


  • Cards are usually dealt facing upwards


  • Doubling on any 2 cards is possible


  • A player may split after doubling


  • Re-splitting into 4 hands is allowed


Double Exposure


Double Exposure Blackjack is a variation that has the highest house edge – 0.69% and it’s not always good to play this Togel game as there are other types of Blackjack with a less house edge. But if you are stuck on this game, here we go:


  • Played with 8 decks of cards


  • The dealer’s cards are dealt upwards


  • The dealer stands on soft 17


  • Doubling after splitting is permitted


  • You may re-split into 4 hands


Blackjack and its variations 2


In the previous article I described several variations of Blackjack – Classic Blackjack, European and Spanish 21. In this article I’m going to tell you about some more types.


Vegas Strip


This game gets its name from its origin and the house edge is on average around 0.34% it is preferable to play Vegas Strip blackjack rather than its counterpart Vegas Downtown blackjack due to the fact that it carries a lower house edge in comparison to Downtown having a 0.38% advantage. The rules in Vegas Strip Blackjack are as follows:


  • A standard 52 card deck is used


  • The dealer is likely to stand on soft 17


  • Doubling is possible on any of first 2 cards


  • A player is able to split after doubling


  • Re-splitting into three hands is allowed


Atlantic City


The game takes its name after the city. Atlantic City differs from the Vegas Strip, but not too much. The main difference is the house edge, which is 0.35%. The main principles of Atlantic City are:


  • Played with 8 decks of cards


  • There’s only 1 bet position


  • The dealer will stand on soft 17


  • You are allowed on the first two cards


  • Re-splitting into three hands is possible



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