2016 Super High Roller Casino Extra Bowl Day 2 – Live Updates

2016 Super High Roller Casino Extra Bowl Day 2 – Live Updates


With the total number of players finally down to 3 tables, a few surprises have emerged througout the course of today.

Right now the blinds are at 6,000/12,000 with a 2,ooo ante. That means that if a player held a starting chipstack of 300,00o in chips, they would have 25 Big Blinds, certainly a comfortable stack to play with. However, Casino Extra considering that we are now looking at 21 players left in the field, the average stack is actually closing in on 700,000 in chips, or closer to 50 big blinds.


This dynamic is certainly having an effect on the play, since the players themselves are so deep at this point that many of them are willing to take small shots at one another while collectively applying pressure to the short stacks in the field.


Another interesting dynamic that seems to be taking place is the way the players themselves are distributed throughout the three tables. One table holds the buisness folks that are still in the tournament, Dan Shak, Kathy Lehne, and Bill Perkins. At the other table are a bunch of the young guns of the room such as Jason Mercier, Mathew Berkey and Andrew Robl. And the feature table has players that are more well know such as Phil Hellmuth and Erik Seidel.


Then again, there is not a soft seat in the field and it’s only getting progressively tougher as the night goes on. We are currently closing in on the end of the penultimate level of the night, and as such, we expect a few more bustouts as the short stacks take their shots at either doubling back up to a decent stack coming back with Casino Extra for tomorrow, or they go home. Then again, not every player is willing to potentially punt a chance at a $ 5,000,000 first place prize, so anything can, and probably will, happen before the night is through.

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